A women's story

In   nineteenth century named was Good Shepherd complex and today is the International House of Women. It was born in 1615 as the first Carmelite lay member of the Church State, called the Holy Cross Hospice for Pentite.
The “Pentite” were an expression of sexism, social marginalization, persecutionary climate, violence in and out of the family, where almost all women lived, regardless of age, and whatever class they belonged to. Discrimination that determined the individual and collective destiny of female generations, affecting the younger, poorer and more vulnerable.
The International Women’s House in Rome is located in the former complex called “Good Shepherd”. It was designed in 1983 for social purposes, particularly in regards to women’s citizenship. Moreover, granted, in part, to the Centro Femminista Separatista (CFS), it consists of ten associations and groups from the feminist movement, which in return, left the International Women’s House situated on Via del Governo Vecchio. 
The International Women’s House is a self-financed not-for-profit organization.
The common goal of this organization is to promote awareness and interest of the community. It is a place where politics, culture and services are discussed and combined within the city center. Its objective is creating a national and international hospitable community. The organization works on promoting the rights, culture, knowledge, experiences and policies produced by and for women.
The priorities at the International Women’s House are tied to issues related to self-determination and to free reproductive health choices, but also to political commitments. Casa Internazionale delle Donne listens to the demands of society, which have resulted in the expansion of other areas such as: 
  • the contrast between sexism and racism
  • institutional problems versus popular problems
  • the support of women in distress and/or victims of violence
  • the mafia and organized crime
  • environmental justice
  • a new vision of the city and of the urban organization
  • international cooperation
  • attention and support to the women's artistic production, from directors to writers, to painters, and more.
The magnificent scenery of the International House is home to theatrical events, music, entertainment, and a growing number of important activities, making the International Women’s House a cultural engine for women's actions.